"This activity assesses a claimant’s ability to put on and take off un-adapted clothing that is suitable for the situation. This may include the need for fastenings, such as zips or buttons and considers the ability to put on/take off socks and shoes. "

Aid or appliance

"When considering whether a claimant requires an aid or appliance, [Healthcare Professionals] should distinguish between:
[A] Descriptor...should only be given in the former case. An aid or appliance is not required in the latter. "

"[For example] modified buttons, zips, front fastening bras, Velcro fastenings and shoe aids. For the purposes of assessing this activity, chairs or beds are not considered aids. "

Help or supervision to choose appropriate clothing

"[This] may apply to claimants who need to be encouraged to dress at appropriate times, e.g. when leaving the house or receiving visitors. Includes a consideration of whether the claimant can determine what is appropriate for the environment, such as time of day and the weather. "

Last updated October 2015