Managing medication

"[This] means the ability to take prescribed medication in the correct way and at the right time."

Monitoring a health condition

"[This] means the ability to detect changes in the condition and take corrective action, as advised by a healthcare professional."

Using aids or appliance, or needing help from someone else, to manage your medication or monitor your health condition:

This...captures the supervision required by the claimant taking their own medication in the home. Supervision due to the risk of accidental or deliberate overdose is also captured here.

For example: the claimant needs physical help opening bottles or taking pills out of blister packs; help interpreting or reading blood sugar for the correct dose of medication; supervision to ensure the medication is taken properly; prompting to remind the claimant to take medication at the appropriate time(s).

Pill boxes, dosette boxes, blister packs, alarms and reminders only apply
if the claimant is unable to manage their medication due to their health condition or impairment and there is evidence to explain their use; or if they are unable to read and an aid would help them to manage medication independently.

Note that needles, glucose meters and inhalers are not aids."


"‘Prompting’ means reminding, encouraging or explaining by another person. For example, a claimant needs 15 minutes of assistance with therapy each day Monday to Friday, or reminding to manage therapy. "

Last updated October 2015