"This activity considers a claimant’s physical ability to move around without severe discomfort, such as
breathlessness, pain or fatigue. This includes the ability to stand and then move up to 20 metres, up to
50 metres, up to 200 metres and over 200 metres.
As with all the other activities, a claimant is to be assessed as satisfying a descriptor only if the reliability
criteria are also considered. The claimant must be able to undertake the activity:
...When assessing whether the activity can be carried out reliably, consideration should be given to the
manner in which the activity is completed. This includes but is not limited to, the claimant’s gait, their
speed, the risk of falls and symptoms or side effects that could affect their ability to complete the activity,
such as pain, breathlessness and fatigue. However, for this activity, this only refers to the physical act of

Last updated October 2015