Claims for PIP on the basis of terminal illness are also called 'special rules' claims. They can be made on a person's behalf without that person knowing.

"There are exceptions to the normal rules when the person who claims
1. is terminally ill and
2. has made a claim for PIP expressly on the ground of terminal illness"

"A person is regarded as being terminally ill...if
1. at any time the person suffers from a progressive disease and
2. the person’s death in consequence of that disease can reasonably be expected within 6 months. "

"Claims for terminally ill people will usually be awarded for and limited to 3 years. A reminder will be issued before the award expires to remind the claimant to re-claim PIP."

"A claim may be accepted from a third party if the claim is made expressly on the ground that this is on behalf of someone who is terminally ill. This has the effect that the terminally ill person has made the claim"

Last updated October 2015