"Aids or appliances that a person uses to support their physical mobility may include walking sticks,
crutches and prostheses."

[This is what the DWP says about 'aids' in general:]

"The aid must be necessary to help the Claimant perform an activity. Everyone uses aids to some extent. For example, many people use dosette boxes as they are useful to manage a pill regimen, but this does not necessarily mean they are improving or repairing a functional impairment by using it. You must consider:
Decision Makers] should distinguish between: Descriptor awards for using an aid or appliance should only be given in the former case. An aid or appliance is not reasonably required in the latter.

Where a claimant chooses not to use an aid or appliance that he or she could reasonably be expected to use and would enable them to carry out the activity without assistance, they should be assessed as needing an aid or appliance rather than a higher level of support."

Last updated October 2015