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PIPchecker will help you work out whether you (or someone you know) might be entitled to Personal Independence Payment?' (or PIP for short), and, if so, which components and which rates you might get.

Also, if you have been refused PIP, or awarded less than you hoped, it could help you structure your challenge to the DWP.

You can get started on PIPchecker straightaway, but if you haven't used it before you should read the PIPchecker guidance first. You should also read the warning box just below!

icon-warning1.jpgAlthough PIPchecker uses the same rules as the DWP this does doesn't mean they will always come to the same conclusion. For example, if you say you cannot walk more than 20 metres it will show that you are entitled to the enhanced rate of the mobility component. But the DWP may still refuse you if they think you can walk further than that.

So even if PIPchecker shows that you are entitled to a certain amount of benefit, this doesn't guarantee that you will get it.

'Timescale' qualifying conditions

It looks like you satisfy the 'timescale' conditions for PIP

Non-medical qualifying conditions

(If you can answer 'yes' to all these questions go straight to the next section)

It looks like you satisfy the non-medical conditions for PIP

The disability conditions

icon-key1.jpgMake sure you look at all the questions. Even if you find that you qualify for a particular component and rate before you've considered all of them, don't stop! Remember that the DWP won't necessarily accept all the points you raise, so you need to be aware of all the difficulties that your disabilities cause.

The daily living component

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

  0 points

Based on the answers you have given:
You are not entitled to the daily living component of PIP l
Your total score for Daily Living: 0

The mobility component

Mobility problems due to physical disabilities

0 points

Problems with planning and following journeys

*Note: you cannot use these if the reason you need help to follow a route, or cannot plan a journey, is because you get distressed or upset, or because of panic attacks.
0 points

Based on the answers you have given:
You are not entitled to the mobility component of PIP
You have scored the following points:
Score for physical mobility problems: 0
Score for planning and following journeys: 0
Total Score for Mobility: 0

Summary Statement

You can select the text in the statement and then copy and paste it into any other document, if you want to print it out or include it in an appeal letter, for example.

Daily Living

Total score for Daily Living: 0


Total score for Mobility: 0

Entitlement based on above descriptors

Daily Living: no entitlement

Mobility: no entitlement

The explanatory notes include material copied from 'Advice for Decision Makers, Chapter P2: Assessment for PIP'
Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0
The licence is available here:

Exclusions and Disclaimers

You are welcome to use PIPchecker for yourself, or for helping other people, but you must not pass off it off as your own product, or copy its design and/or coding.

If you like PIPchecker, please include a link to it on your own website so that other people are more likely to find it.

PIPchecker is a new development by Benefits Owl: I hope to expand the interactivity of Benefits Owl to include other issues in the future.

I would appreciate any feedback, or suggestions, to help me improve it. I've set up a survey for this, which you can find here:

Alternatively, you could contact benefits owl.

Thank you!

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