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‘I'm worried about Jobseeker’s Allowance Sanctions’
> ‘What can I do if I've been sanctioned/and or my JSA ends?’

If the Jobcentre Plus decides that you haven't kept to the jobseeking rules, what happens next will depend on what type of rule you've 'broken'.
  1. If you've not kept to the main jobseeking conditions you will be sanctioned and your Jobseeker's Allowance award will end;
  2. If you've not kept to one of the other requirements you will either be sanctioned or your Jobseeker's Allowance will end;
  3. If the Jobcentre Plus thinks you have 'committed' one of the 'Big Fails' you will be sanctioned.
This means that...
Assuming that you don’t just want to sit there and accept the situation, what you need to do depends on which of these the Jobcentre Plus has done:

icon-key1.jpgIn addition, if you have been sanctioned, but your award hasn't been ended, you should also consider applying for hardship payments.

(Unfortunately there is no point in applying for hardship payments if your Jobseeker's Allowance award has ended, as you won't get any.)

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