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‘I’ve come to the UK from abroad’

‘Tell me about the Bedroom Tax’

‘What is Universal Credit?’

‘I’m an older person: what am I entitled to?’

‘I'm worried about Jobseeker’s Allowance Sanctions’

‘I'm about to have my first baby: what am I entitled to?’

‘My ESA has ended - help!’

‘I’ve been put in the work related activity group for Employment and Support Allowance and I want to be in the support group’

‘I'm a carer: what can I claim?’

‘Can you explain tax credits to me?’

'What is the Personal Independence Payment?'

‘Can I get help with my rent?’ ‘What’s happened to Council Tax Benefit?’

‘What is the Benefit Cap?’

‘Please explain contribution based benefits, income based benefits, and non-means tested benefits’