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Other useful resources


This site is designed to explain benefit problems in plain English, but doesn't cover every possible situation or all the benefits available (though it will get bigger!). And, of course, it cannot give you advice or guidance about your own particular circumstances, nor can it take on your case for you. So here are some other resources you find helpful.

I've divided the page into the following categories:

Just because I mention an organisation this doesn't guarantee that they have a centre near you, nor does it commit them to helping you. Also I can't guarantee how good their advice will be.

People who may be able to give advice in person

In general you should not have to pay for advice in person. If you are asked for money beware!

Other websites that give information about benefits

All the sites above are charities: their purpose is to help people like you.

However you may also get useful information from the government themselves.

Books that you may find useful

Every benefits advisor (including me) worth his or her salt has a copy of the following book next to them:

If you're not ready for that, either because of its complexity or its price, a good alternative is the following book: