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‘What is Universal Credit?’
   Extra Support

Normally, Universal Credit...
The good news is that the DWP has the power to change these.
The bad news is that you'll need to convince them to use this power for you.

The different ways of getting paid are called alternative payment arrangements (or sometimes payment exceptions).

Getting paid more frequently, and getting the rent paid direct to your landlord

icon-key1.jpgThis help should be considered by the DWP if you genuinely cannot manage the standard monthly repayment and where there is a risk of financial harm to you or your family.
The government thinks that you are very likely to need extra support if you of the following list of problems apply to you:

The government thinks that you are less likely to need extra support, but might still need it, if you of the following list of problems apply to you:

Unfortunately, you cannot just go to the Jobcentre Plus and tell them that you need to be paid more frequently, or need the rent money paid directly to your landlord, and assume this is going to happen.

Remember that the government expects to pay most people in the normal way. You will need to convince them that you need the extra support.

And, also unfortunately...

icon-warning1.jpgThere is no right of appeal against a decision not to pay you more frequently, or to pay rent directly to your landlord

You can, however, complain if you feel that they have not taken your case seriously.

If you want to look into this more closely, have a look at the DWP's guidance on personal budgeting support, at

Getting payments split

This might apply to you if you are part of a couple, but your partner keeps all the money and give none of it to you.

Again, there is no right of appeal if the DWP does not agree that the payments should be split.

Claiming Universal Credit by phone rather than online

Guidance to the DWP says 'telephone claims will be accepted from claimants who do not have access to or cannot use a computer'. So if this applies to you, you need to make sure you tell them. You will probably have to be persistent - the telephone menus that the Jobcentre Plus provide are unlikely to make this easy.

Again, there is no right of appeal if they do not agree to do this, though you do have the right to complain.