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‘My Employment and Support Allowance has ended - help!’
> ‘I've been found fit for work and my ESA has ended’
>> ‘What should I do if my appeal doesn’t have a reasonable chance of succeeding?’

First, though, a warning…

icon-warning1.jpgDO NOT just make a new claim for Employment and Support Allowance. This is because if less than 6 months have passed since the Jobcentre Plus has made a decision about your capability for work you will normally not be entitled to get any money until the Jobcentre Plus has made a new decision, which means you have nothing to live on until after the medical, and, if they refuse you, not even then. The only times this does not apply are when you have a new medical problem, or clear evidence that your condition has worsened. Even then you are taking a big risk, as the Jobcentre Plus may not agree that the condition is really a new one, or that your condition has worsened enough.

Realistically, therefore you’re generally going to have to claim Jobseeker's Allowance.

You may feel very strongly against doing this, as you may still be pretty sure that you’re not fit for work. You may even feel that you cannot claim Jobseeker's Allowance without being being dishonest, because you believe that claiming Jobseeker's Allowance amounts to saying that you don’t have health problems and disabilities. However it’s not quite like that.

If you think you have a new condition, or that your condition has got a lot worse since the Jobcentre Plus made its decision refusing you…

You might be able to get Employment and Support Allowance. But note the warning in the box. Can you really be sure that you can get clear evidence that things have changed a lot since the Jobcentre Plus made its decision a few weeks ago? I strongly recommend that you seek advice if you're thinking about this.