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The benefit reforms taking place at the moment are the most radical overhaul of the system in a generation. Disability Living Allowance is being edged aside by Personal Independence Payment, and Universal Credit is poised to roll across the country, sweeping away many well know benefits in the process. At the same time, familiar rules like the work capability assessment are being continually tweaked, creating nasty surprises for people who thought they knew what was what.

As an experienced advisor, supervisor, and trainer who has spent the last 16 or so years immersed in the benefits world (see about me for details), I am ideally placed to help you equip your clients, colleagues, and communities at this interesting time.

If you think I may be able to help you, please contact me as follows so that we can discuss your needs:

E-mail: (click on missing bit to reveal full address)

Telephone: 0792 760 3375


Whether you need training for paid staff and volunteers who need to give benefit advice to clients on a regular basis, or would like someone to meet a group of your clients and teach them directly, contact me and I will work with you to draw up an appropriate programme.

The subject of any training is up to you, but here are some possibilities:

If your organisation or group would like training but has limited resources, it may still be worth contacting me as I may be able to help you apply for funding.

Written documents

I would be very happy to help you