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‘I'm a carer: what can I claim?’
> ‘I want to know about Carer’s Allowance’

If you qualify for Carer’s Allowance it means that the government accept that you are ‘really’ a carer and opens the door to a range of benefits, as well as Carer’s Allowance itself. So if you are caring for someone who is ill or disabled it’s important to check out your entitlement to this.

Who is entitled to Carer’s Allowance?

To get Carer’s Allowance there are rules that apply to you, and rules that apply to the person you are caring for.


The person you are caring for must be getting one of the following benefits (these are called qualifying benefits):
There are some complications. The main ones are:

How much are you entitled to?

Carer’s Allowance is £64.60 per week.

(In the past some people could get extra amounts if they had a spouse or civil partner, or a child, but this is not now possible (unless you were getting these extra bits before the rules changed).)

Carer’s Allowance is non means-tested and not contribution based, so it doesn’t matter what your national insurance history is and it doesn’t matter if you have other money coming in.

However: if you are getting some certain other benefits you may not actually get paid any Carer’s Allowance, even if you are entitled to it. This is because of something called the overlapping benefits rules. These rules say that you can’t get some benefits at the same time, and if you are entitled to two (or more) of them you can only actually get paid whichever is the bigger. The benefits that are most likely to cause this to happen with you are:

Fortunately, even if this does apply to you, you will be still be regarded as a carer by the Jobcentre Plus, and will still be entitled to other benefits that depend on you being entitled to Carer’s Allowance.

How should you claim?

Make sure you claim as soon as you can. This is because normally you cannot get an award for Carer’s Allowance backdated for more than three months.

To claim Carer’s Allowance you need to complete a Carer’s Allowance form.

icon-warning1.jpgBefore you claim it is very important to find out if the person you are caring for is getting the severe disability premium as part of any means-tested benefit that they are receiving. This is because one of the conditions of them getting this premium is that no-one is getting Carer’s Allowance for them, so if you claim Carer’s Allowance they lose the right to this. If they are getting the severe disability premium seek further advice.

Depending on what you've now found out, choose one of the following options: