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‘I'm a carer: what can I claim?’
> ‘What are my options if I am not entitled to Carer’s Allowance?’

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The straight answer to this is ‘you probably don’t have any good options’. But there are a very few circumstances when you might still be entitled to Income Support, and the other benefit that goes with it.

icon-key1.jpgNote that I say ‘qualify for Carer’s Allowance’, not ‘get Carer’s Allowance’. This is because some people qualify for Carer’s Allowance because they satisfy conditions or of entitlement but don’t actually get paid it (normally because of something called the ‘overlapping benefit rules’). People in this situation are treated as though they were getting Carer’s Allowance.

The only circumstances where there is any good news are the following ones:
The words ‘regularly and substantially engaged in caring' are not exactly defined in law, so we just need to think about what the words mean: if you're caring for someone 'regularly' you are not just doing it on odd occasions, and if your are spending quite a lot of time and effort doing this you are probably doing a 'substantial' amount of caring.

If any of these things apply you may be entitled to Income Support, depending on your circumstances.

I'm going to give you three common scenarios here: If one of these applies to you, click on it for further information. If none of these applies to you, seek further advice.